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Title Introduction to EPIK In-Service Training Course

Dear Guest English Teachers,

It's our pleasure to welcome you to EPIK In-Service Training.


EPIK In-service Training online course is divided for elementary and middle/high

school teachers. Each course is composed of 15 units which includes 7

sections in each. You may select the appropriate level (Elementary School or

Middle/High School) and begin the course. The required tuition fee will be

covered by EPIK and the POEs (Provincial Office of Education).

The applicant will not be responsible for this fee.

Please keep in mind that the demonstrations and tips given and shown from

the course are simply teaching tips. Therefore, if you want to use any of the

shown activities or lessons in your real classrooms, you must adjust them to

meet your students’ needs and their academic levels.


We really hope that you can find this program helpful for you and your

teaching in Korea. Please do not hesitate to give us any comments on the

program as they will help us to make this a better program.



EPIK(English Program IKorea) TEAM
National Institute for International Education (NIIED)
Ministry of Education, Science & Technology