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Title EPIK In-service Training Eligibility

We appreciate your interest in this course. 
Please note, however, that only those who have been authorized by EPIK will be able to register to course.
Refer to the following:  
<1st Term: Oct.2011~Feb.2012>
The following candidates that may participate in the ‘EPIK In-service Training Online Course’ are those who have participated in the 'Fall 2011 EPIK Orientation’ (for August, September and October) or have been instructed by the POE(Provincial office of Education/MOE(Metropolitan Office of Education).
Once the candidates are finalized, you will be sent an email from EPIK in regards to the registration of the online course. You will be able to begin the course once you receive the email.  Please understand that guest English teachers who do not fall under the above qualifications will be unable to register for this course. 
Thank you for your cooperation.