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Title Updating your status (completion/incompletion problem)


If you're having problems with your status, please refer to the message below.
To complete the unit, you must listen/watch the whole unit for at least 20 minutes. This includes you clicking on all seven sections of the unit.
If this is done, but your status still shows up as incomplete, this may be a different problem. If you listen/watch the course starting from the orientation unit, your status will show up as 00:00.
This is because the 'orientation' is not counted in our attendance system. For instance, if you click on 'orientation' and go to the next unit after you're done through a learning map or the table of contents that shows on the same window, your time will not be recorded or counted. To prevent such problem, please exit/close the window after you're done with one unit. Then, go to the 'classroom' page from our homepage and click on the next unit from the list.
This particular attendance system applies to other units, too. Let's say... that  you open unit 3, work on the unit, and when you’re done, you open the next unit from the same window. IF this happens, the time you spend for the next unit will not be recorded. Therefore, please close the window once you're done with a unit. Again, open the next unit from the homepage.
We are currently working to fix this problem. We will notify you again once this problem is fixed. Until then, please repeat the above steps to continue the course.
We hope you could complete the course successfully. We apologize for the inconveniences.


EPIK Admin